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From 6 to 8 november Udine3D forum will present workshops and master classes for 3D artists, makers, architects, engineers, entrepreneurs and computer graphics entusiasts in the historic Palazzo Toppo-Wasserman in Udine. Here’s some information:

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From www.udine3d.it:

Now in its fifth edition, Udine3D Forum (www.udine3d.it) is an event addressed to companies, professionals, students and to all those who are interested in discovering the most innovative technologies and applications in the fields of graphic design, 3D printing and digital imaging. Created and promoted by Confartigianato Udine (www.confartigianatoudine.com), the most important and representative association of artisans and small businesses in Friuli Venezia Giulia, with the collaboration of Segnoprogetto Srl (www.segnoprogetto.it), Udine3D Forum is sponsored and supported by institutional bodies such as the Professional Orders of Architects and Engineers, ADI, the University of Udine, the Municipality and the Province of Udine. The success of the past editions of Udine3D Forum is proved by the response from the public and by the audience, which has been growing over the years and led to record more than 600 entries in the edition of 2014. Quite significant, as well, is the growing interest among students from universities and high schools, who in the same edition have almost equaled (43% of visitors) the number of professionals and entrepreneurs (44%).


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In the wake of this success of previous editions and driven by the will to improve and grow year after year, this edition of Udine3D Forum proposes for the first time a three days schedule – 6, 7 and 8 November at Palazzo Di Toppo-Wassermann, a short walk from the historic center of Udine – where conferences, technical and educational workshops and accompanying events will alternate. The main theme of this year is Thinking Space. Data production and processing systems and tools for 3D graphics and virtual reality are developing at such a high rate that a revolution is taking place in the way in which 3D models and also real environments are created.

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The adoption of Building Information Modeling tools (BIM) by architects and engineers and the developing technologies related to the Internet of Things are deeply changing design workflows and the actual creation of smart environments, virtual and real. During the conferences, which will be open to the public, some of the most important players in the industry and some authoritative voices from journalism and the academia will speak and confront. As has always been the purpose of this event, each conference will be designed to accompany professionals, students and whoever’s interested in the discovery and exploration of digital technologies, their possible future developments and their practical applications, from a business point of view but not only.

In order to meet the different perspectives of interest, the conferences have been scheduled on Friday 6 in two separate sessions, with different themes and aimed at different audiences: the morning session will be addressed to university and high school students and young people and it will explore issues more informative and eye-catching, while the evening session will be devoted to entrepreneurs, professionals and operators from the industry and will have more technical and formative content. Beside conferences, a rich and diversified list of workshops will be offered, in which participants will be able to deepen issues and topics related to three different business sectors:

    • Architecture and Design;
    • Engineering and Prototyping;
    • Graphics and Digital Animation.

The activities which are going to be carried out in these workshops will range from the use of advanced design and 3D modeling softwares (Blender, AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max, Nemetsheck AllPlan and Cinema 4D, SketchUp, ZBrush, VRay, Nuke and Rhinoceros) to rapid prototyping through tools for rapid manufacturing like the latest generation of 3D printers, from the management of interactivity to the design and development of video games, from the use of open hardware boards (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black) to the virtualization and digitization of workstations for rendering processes.


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Among the activities of the Forum a series of specific events will also be organized and structured with the aim to accompany professionals and entrepreneurs in the approach to leading and most innovative 3D and digital technologies developed for their specific business, such as the Building Information Modeling (or BIM) for the architecture and engineering.
Alike, a dedicated path has been designed for students, to whom some free workshops will be specifically dedicated on Saturday, 7 November, and who will have the opportunity to meet the designers of Rainbow Academy, the prestigious school of 3D digital animation created by Rainbow CGI, a European leader in the production of audiovisual products for children and creator of the cartoon Winx.
Sunday, 8 November, will be dedicated to educational and entertaining activities designed for young people and families. Event of the day will be the Robotic Challenge, with Line Following and Robotic Sumo competitions, while the open and free workshops and laboratories will allow the audience to live active hands-on experiences such as building a small robot.


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Besides the technical and scientific events, Udine3D Forum also includes a few moments of conviviality and creation of new relationships. On the evening of Friday, 6 November, it will be possible to take part in an aperitif and a networking dinner, which are going to be held at Casa della Contadinanza, the historic and charming restaurant situated on the castle hill of Udine.
These moments of informal meeting will be attended by the speakers of the Forum and will be an opportunity to explore and deepen the issues covered during the day and to create new relationships and connections between professionals, to share experiences and projects and maybe to enter into new partnerships.
To facilitate and promote this openness to discussion and networking, the aperitif which forego the dinner will be enriched with some short speech in which selected guests will present their professional experiences or share important projects for which they are looking for partners or collaborations.

The organization and the scientific supervision of the event are managed by Confartigianato Udine and Segnoprogetto Srl, with the support of a dedicated Scientific Committee which gathered representatives of the Professional Orders (Order of Architects and Engineers), ADI, the University of Udine, Municipality of Udine, the Science and Technology Park “Luigi Danieli “, the District of Digital Technologies and ASDI Sedia.

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