Artist’s talk – Sašo Sedlaček – Casa Cavazzini

Ultra Space presents Sašo Sedlaček _ Friendly Strategies of Resistance, an open lecture that will take place at 17.00 on the 16th of May at Casa Cavazzini
(Museo d’arte moderna e contemporanea Via Cavour, 14 – 33100 Udine).

Before going to an artist’s talk an in-depth research is needed. In order to ask some questions it’s also better to visit his site or to read some proper art review. We will present a quick visual summary of the latest work of Sašo Sedlaček just to get into the state of mind for the lecture.

The talk should be about his production of the last 10 years, which will be presented in SuperTrash (cured by Domenico Quaranta) at Spazio Ultra.

Jobless Avatars (The Real Curriculum), 2014

Presented at Transmediale 2014 in Berlin, it’s a series of job interviews of old text-to-speach avatars. The avatars talk sincerely – they cannot lie as we do online – about their true nature, like lying habits or their strong character in order to sell themselves desperately.

The Big Switch Off (2012)

Once in a while we’re forced by some technologic revolution to change our devices, causing the production of a certain amount of waste we’re not free to decide what to use -. Talking about technology, the waste is not recyclable, some of it might be reused. This work might encourage to gain consciousness about consumerism consequences.

The Ex (2010)

The Ex

Gain consciousness.

Dolce Far Niente (2014)

Dolce Far Niente

The result of the European crisis made more and more rich people poor. These pieces of chocolate are confusing, we usually eat bunnies or Santas, but these have the shape of people who got invisible.

Beggar Robot(2006)

Beggar Robot was made to help poor people to get inside the buildings they were not allowed in without being there. It’s also possible to download the instructions to produce one from old computers.

For sure all Sašo Sedlaček’s works are strong statements – or at least well placed question marks –

For sure all Sašo Sedlaček’s works are strong statements – or at least well placed question marks – against today society and economic establishment. Our technologic habits, the abundance and the waste are the first aspects to be questioned, developing the need for new technologic paradigms.

Sašo Sedlaček (born in 1974) is an artist from Ljubljana and his art focuses on the problems of mass consumption, waste and technology. His work is strongly inspired by DIY and local social issues, criticizing the new common sense. For the full list of awards, exhibitions, collections and residences se the artist’s CV

Details on the project via:
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission
Production: Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana and Link Art Center, Brescia
In partnership with: Ultra, Udine
Graphic Design: eflux studio, Udine
Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana
Thanks: Casa Cavazzini – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Udine

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